Posted by: h2okay | January 3, 2008

A busy year!

Wow! Here I am doing a little online housekeeping to start out the new year, and I realize that I have been an inactive ‘blogger’ for pretty much the whole year! Sounds like a resolution in the making, don’t you think???

Well, since a picture tells all… You can see what I’ve been up to this year. Here is my last wire sculpture of 2007, “Rythm”, created from a single continuous strand of copper wire:

I hope to post more artwork here in the coming months… works in progress, reference photos, etc.



  1. hello, great work. Just saw your project, and was wondering how did you manage to do it with one wire. Where did you start the wire? The middle of the structure?

    • Thank you so much! Managing a very long strand of wire can be tricky… this piece is almost 15 feet of copper. I always start at the tail, and work my way through back to front, then join back up to the tail. :^)

  2. Beautiful dressage moment moment caught in your wonderful artwork! One strand of wire – that’s amazing!
    We recently moved to Summerland and are excited to know about you; I found your link through Linked In.

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