Posted by: h2okay | July 4, 2006

Sales Were Soggy!

Well, we survived our first outdoor market of the season… barely!

Two years ago, we set up shop on the shores of Okanagan Lake, only to be blasted by unbelievable winds carrying sand from the beach. It was after that market that we decided not to do outdoor shows any more.

I can’t recall now what it was that made us weak… that allowed us to actually pay our hard earned money to someone for the opportunity to battle nature from our tiny tent lined up on a path with dozens of other poor ‘artisan’ vendors hoping to sell their wares. But, we apparently had not learned our lesson.

This time, we were all ready with our sandbags and tiedowns. That did not matter. The wind and the rain came anyway. In fact, the thunder and lightning and hail came too! It was not a pretty site. All that kept going through my head as we packed our soggy product into its containers for the soggy ride home was “I thought we weren’t going to do outdoor shows any more???”

Ah well… just another adventure, I guess!


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