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Donation to Silent Auction

"Bling" - rearing horse, created from single continuous strand of copper wire and glass beads

“Bling” – rearing horse, created from single continuous strand of copper wire and glass beads

This piece is available at the Silent Auction tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 28th, 2013) at “A Taste for the Arts” fundraiser, Shatford Centre, Penticton, BC.

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Ten Years of Wire Art

I just realized that I have been creating my unique 'single continuous strand' wire sculptures for ten years!

I just realized that I have been creating ‘single continuous strand’ wire sculptures for ten years!

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New website launched

In conjunction with the opening of a small gallery for my wire sculpture, I have just launched a new website. Unfortunately, this means lots of 404 errors until the new pages and images get established in the search engines again.

Please have a visit… I look forward to any/all feedback. Thanks!

A New

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Join us on Facebook

I almost forgot about this site… well, after some time off to move and regroup, I have come back to my wire sculpture. I’m working on setting up a small gallery where I can invite people to view my work in person. I also have a new website in the works. In the meantime, I continue to post new pieces to my facebook page, so come on over and join the fun!

Wire bear by Angela Hook

Wire bear by Angela Hook

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Electroplating advice?

Wire sculpture created by Eric Anyiagei, Ghana.

Wire sculpture created by Eric Anyiagei, Ghana.

I have a fellow wire artist looking for some advice. He works with enameled copper and would like to silver-plate some of his pieces. I am fortunate enough to be able to send my work to a supplier to have this process done, so I don’t know much about it. Eric is thinking of doing it himself. He asks these questions:

  1. Ideas for getting rid of the plastic coating on the copper?
  2. Would you recommend a silver nitrate solution as the electrolyte?
  3. Could the process be done in a plastic container?
  4. Any other advice/recommendation?
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Welcome World Wide Wire Enthusiasts!

As an advocate for increasing the awareness and popularity of wire as an artistic medium, I have invited friends and colleagues who love wire art and sculpture to join me here on this blog. I am not an expert on the technical aspects of operating this site, but I am excited to encourage more interactivity and sharing among like-minded creative types.

So, let’s chat!

What kind of wire do you use? Do you sell your wire art? Where do you get your tools?

bending wire

bending wire

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Taking Care – Wire Sculpture

angel wire sculpture

angel wire sculpture

This commissioned piece was created as a gift for a woman who devoted 35 years to a child care group. The large angel and the five smaller ones are intertwined to create a single sculpture titled “Taking Care”. Artist: Angela Hook.

Posted by: h2okay | March 21, 2009

Community Excellence Award

home based business award

home based business award

H2Okay Creative is very honored to be the recipient of the Home Based Business Award at this year’s celebration of achievement in our community of Summerland, BC.

We would like to say thank you to whomever nominated us for the award, and also to all of the citizens that voted! What a great town we live and work in.

We are also very proud of our daughter, Kyra, for her nomination in the category of Youth of the Year. She is so active in her school and community, and is an all-round wonderful human being!

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Mural Mosaic

Wow, there’s been so much fun and excitement this summer! One of the great things I was able to be a part of is the mural mosaic Le Cadeau du Cheval (The Horse Gift), which is being created by equine artists around the world and assembled for presentation at Spruce Meadows in the fall.

Panel 232 in mural mosaic Le Cadeau du Cheval

Panel 232 in mural mosaic Le Cadeau du Cheval

Here is my panel (#232). Click on the image at the left for more details on the piece, and to explore the rest of the mural! Lewis, Phil and Paul have done an amazing job of creating and coordinating many of these murals for different occasions.

It’s really fun to see what the panels looked like before each artist painted them, and also to see the mural come together piece by piece… to reveal the final image!

Check out!

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My first solo show!

equine wire sculpture and photography by Angela Hook

Summerland Community Art Gallery
April 10 – May 10, 2008
Summerland, BC CANADA

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